Liviana Bee Homemade

Our Artisan Bread

We carefully craft our bread using unbleached, unbromated stone ground whole-grain flours (milled by Bob's Red Mill and/or King Arthur). Our hand-formed dough is mixed in the morning, baked in the afternoon, and delivered to your door before dinner time... warm and fresh. Our breads are all leavened with sourdough from a starter that Great Grandma Kiser prepared some 60 years ago while she lived in San Leandro (which is located in the immediate San Francisco Bay area). Bread additives (seeds, grains, fruits, and cheese) are of the highest quality and are 100% organic where available.

We offer the following sourdough breads:

Not only is our artisan bread great to enjoy daily, but is perfectly suited for special occasions and dinner parties. We offer the ability to schedule your bread order well in advance, by as much as three weeks.